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The Complete Guide On How To Copy The Full Path Of A File On Windows 10

In the fast-paced world of digital data management, understanding how to navigate your Windows 10 system effectively is crucial.Copying a file’s entire path is one such tool for easier navigation. This post will lead you through every step of the procedure.

Why Copy The Entire File Path In Windows 10?

The full path of a file is a complete address showing where your data resides on your computer, from the drive letter all the way to the file name. It’s particularly handy when you’re working with file system-related tasks, need to share the exact location of a file, or run scripts or software that require the full file path.

Step-by-Step Instructions For Copying A File’s Complete Path

Locate The File:  

Use the File Explorer (press Win+E to open it) to navigate to the file whose full path you want to copy.

Choose The file:

To choose a file, click on it.

To access the File Menu, right-click the file while holding down the Shift key.This will open a context menu with more options than the standard right-click menu. 

Copy The Entire Path:

In this case, Look for and pick the “Copy as path” option in the menu.The complete file path will now be copied to your clipboard by Windows 10. 

That’s it! You’ve successfully copied the full path of a file. Now you can paste it wherever you need, such as in an email, a document, or a program.

Wrapping Up

Copying the full path of a file on Windows 10 is a simple yet powerful tool to enhance your data management skills. It streamlines sharing and accessing files, especially when working in professional environments where file navigation is a daily necessity.

Remember that the better you manage your files, the more productive you will be. So, keep exploring, keep learning, and take command of your Windows 10 experience!


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 Screenshots showing each step (optional, but highly recommended)

Alt Texts:

File Explorer open on Windows 10

Selecting file in File Explorer

Opened context menu with “Copy as path” option

Pasting copied file path in a document

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